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Public Speaking


Brittany grew up and experienced mental, physical, and sexual abuse by the time she was five years old. Not telling anyone she suffered most of her life in silence. Brittany came to terms with what had happened to her and decided to start living with grace. Most of Brittany's life she felt scared, alone, and ashamed of her past. This followed her most of her life affecting her relationships, and stopped her from living her dreams. Brittany left her six year marriage, connected with life, and now is on an incredible journey to healing, self love, and living her truth.


Brittany speaks about her journey to feeling more whole, and what that looked like some days. Brittany will share the hold Trauma has on the body and just how much the body keeps the score. Every morning Brittany’s feet hit the floor was a new opportunity to become a better version of herself. No one will do this life for you. Brittany will show you its worth every struggle you encounter. Happiness is the most expensive thing we will ever own. What ever you got today, its enough! Trust in the timing of your life.

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